Still in itchy burning skin hell

OK I called them on June 17, 2014. I texted 4 days before that. They are aware of the situation. But so fare nothing has happened and I have not been called. So I added on about the stairs not being lit and the entry not being lit. This is also a hazard to us all in the building. The liability would be theirs if any of us fell.

I am giving them to June 26, 2014 to do something, then I am sending this as a registered letter. If I do not hear back from them in a timely manner than I will be passing this on to the health inspector.

There is so much wrong with this place that I overlook. The windows are toast. The floor is bouncy. The back stairs are not level. The smoke detectors have not been tested and the batteries have not been replaced since I got here several years ago. By law they should be tested every 6 months and a log signed by the tenant that it has been tested. Every 12 months the battery should be changed and the same thing with the log. But nothing is done. There is a lot of noise here that I overlook as well.

I have to say I am giving strong thought to getting the heck out of here. Just let someone else be bothered by it all instead. After all the stairs are starting to bother my knees a lot. So perhaps when I free up some cash at the bank - its time to get out of here. But that is months away for now. I don't know... It's all a pain that I don't need. I have enough in my life with all the health issues. I don't need this at all.

Peace - Dave.

P.S. $10.50 to send it registered and confirm delivery... Wowsers Canada Post...


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