Bad reaction to scented products...

The reaction to the scented stuff the people next door are using in the bath. It is coming out of every drain. The sink in the kitchen and bathroom and the bathtub. The plumbing here is obviously not up to code or this would not be happening. The manager is off come place for God knows how long... The kind of reaction I am having tends to get worse every time it happens. So eventually if this is not corrected, it will be fatal. So they need to fix this soon or I have to get the hell out of here. This reaction is about 30 min after the start of the scent leaking into my apartment.

As you can see my entire body is red and swelling up. It is burning my eyes and my throat. I have a violent headache as well. But if I take pain pills the Benadryl will not work as well. I took the Benadryl as soon as I smelled the scent. It is still this violent a reaction.

Thank you chemical companies for making everything scented.


  1. That is one of the craziest things I have ever heard, holy crap they need to take care of this.

    1. Yes they do. It can kill me if it gets bad enough.


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