Tenants meeting in the hall way LOL

Another bat got in. OK I know how they get in here - threw the vent in the wall in the boiler room. But how the hell do they get in apartments? The doors are kind of low to the floor on this floor at least. We are talking 1/8th of an inch. Can they squish down that flat?
I think this is the 4th one since I moved in. But it happens in the fancy places too - so ya know...

Oh oh oh - when I lived in the stad apartments (glad I am out of there) I had 2 doors. Front and back. The back opened onto the parking lot (building is L shaped). I had it open while I got some stuff out of the car one day and I came back with load number two and here is a cat on my counter looking at me. LOL. That was easy though... Pet cat, pick up cat, put cat outside, close door :)

The guy across the hall tells me the people to the north of me are moving out. Well let me tell ya something, They been there for 2 years and I think I heard them a total of 4 times ever. They have a kid and I ain't never heard that kid but one time and if I remember he was sick that time. They are such nice folks. I can only hope that I get people half as good to be beside.

Oh hay, do you all remember the one that complained she could hear me typing one time? The one that washed her pet (that she was not supposed to have) 3 times a day. See that is what I normally get beside me. HEHEHE... My first apartment I had a guy who partied all night below me and someone who would toss beer bottles at his wife beside me. So it's been gradual improvements along the way :)

This is post number 666 on this blog BTW... Should have come up with something better LOL.


  1. Make sure you wash your pet, three times a day also, LOL!

    1. LOL. Besides the door slamming I rather like the people on my floor.


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