And of the New Gods

We have replaced God with money and resources. We now worship the rich and give fame to a select few who can do no better than millions of other people. It's strange to me that actors and politicians and just rich people have such a following. These are people who generally do way less than poor people do for the community. We have killed many in the name of resources and gone to war to make them safe. We also looked the other way when hundreds of thousands where being killed in a brutal manner all in the name of tribal identity. After all they did not have resources to offer us. Sooner or later instead off killing in the name of a God or a King we will be doing it to secure limited resources such as drinking water and minerals. We will hide behind the banner of our freedoms and say they are a threat to us. We have already done so after all. The threat of terror was invented by the meddling into of foreign powers in the name of freedom because we did not want the communists to get the oil instead of us. We brought the rise of fundamentalist to arms against us with the training we gave them. Now we use them as an excuse to secure resources. We say we have evolved from the need for God, but in reality it is just trading one excuse for war for another. As long as we put others above us and below us we will never know peace and we will never see an end to the death and rape of the planet. We soon will no longer be able to feed the masses and all because we have so much greed. We grow fat on the oppression of the third world and we are oblivious to our own fate. Just take the time to look around and see what we are doing.

Peace and Love - Dave.


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