3 Sarcastic Rants in 1 Blog post :)

So I turn on twitter. There is a "sponsored" post. It's a picture of a box that seems to be something electronic. Says the name of the company and the name of the box. No place at all does it say what the hell it does. So I click it... It downloads a PDF. I look at it... Still none the wiser what the hell this thing is for. It has a nice photo of the box. It has a list of prices for different models that it lists by part number. It has a banner that says buy 3 get 1 free. So tell me, am I supposed to guess what the hell this thing does? It literally never said at all what it is.

With all the wealth is some of the Islamic countries, where is the help for the Syrians? Tell me why the western world is the only one that seems to be giving a shit? I hate to say this but I am starting to think badly of the entire lot of them. If you won't help your own people what are you? I want all suffering to end. I want to never see a child starve or a woman being harmed and much more. Yet this is a group of people that thinks some do not deserve to be helped. Not to mention the human right of women, gays and people of other faiths being crushed. When the FUCK are we going to pull our heads out of our ass and stop making excuses for how we act that include some kind of God or his so called books? We need to wake the hell up and start to look for answers that don't include people having more money in the bank that 30% of the rest of the world. Greed, power, religion - we need to walk away from it all, or there will be a hell of a lot more suffering in the world. We are at the edge of the end of what we know of society. We are almost to the point of the worst war in the history of human kind. Do we want this? And for what? So we in the west can have the nice things we have and the life we live, all at the cast of the lives of millions or worse? Humanity seems to know no limits to the filth we spew forth. This might sound funny, but I would rather be a house cat than one of the humans on this planet most days...

Emo-Quitting: 96.4% of all emo quitting is done because people think they deserve to be famous and after 3 weeks no one gives a shit. They will often open a new channel or profile the next day then repeat the process several times for a 5 or 6 month span. They will then run and hide from the interwebs and start to write a book on how cruel the world is. This will never be finished as they lack the attention span to complete a crossword, let alone a book. They will the descend into madness and start to troll the internets with up to 500 sock accounts. The only thing that can stop them at this point is if they get placed into a nut house at the order of a court.

The other 3.6% quit "because words".


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