Pigging Out Remorse

I can't believe I eat all this food in 2 hours and 1 sitting.
 Started off with 30 hot wings (3 orders).
 12 Corndogs.
 2 Extra Large Pizzas (All Dressed).
Washed it all down with 4 Litres of Ice Cream.

OMG how could I do this to myself... The horror, the horror.

P.S. If you think I could even get 30 winds down, you are more than likely not all that smart to begin with... Let alone all the other stuff... But you more than likely assumed being that I am of size that I do eat like this every day. Guess what, I don't really eat much more than an average person my ages does. There are more factors to being my size than society is willing to think about. Instead they take the easy path and just blame it on poor diet. Some times, it's not the diet that is of fault. Some times it's the disability the person has working against them. Think before you say things to someone my size. You literally do NOT understand and you case more damage than good when you try to "help" most of the time.

Peace - Dave.


  1. I had battle with my weight all my life. .. I do a lot of cardio.. on my MTB.. around 90 minutes everyday (at least 5 days a week).. and still weight 220pounds. Im 5,7 171cm// and 52.. i was 300+ in 2009.. I eat less than my wife. that the way my system use the food.. but if I stop the ejercise .. will gain 100 pounds in a instant ..

    1. Yes that happens as well. It seems to be happening more and more. I don't have an explanation for it. I know several people who like you work out every day and don't lose a ounce. When I was able to walk all day, I did drop over 150 lbs. Then I went way up when the knees stopped letting me walk far. My average days food is 2 vegetarian meals and 1 with boneless skinless chicken breasts. The portions are average. Then there was my Mom - My word she could eat like two of me and never gained weight in her life. Being that she was mostly sedentary, I don't understand that one as well.

  2. ... Hey Dave//. have a great Xmas..


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