Amazon Purchases Don't Always Go Well

1. Guy Fawkes Mask (Standard) sold by CA-Celebration - tracking for China Post does not work. No response yet.

2. Guy Fawkes Mask (Black and Gold) sold by Fast Japan CA - 7 days later not shipped.

3. Guy Fawkes Mask (Gold) sold by Atalanta Honesttrade - Tracking number for USPS does not work. No response yet.

4. Two Coffee Mugs sold by Guojiloilpainting - Tracking number did not work for USPS - they said it was sent back to them by customs and it needs to be re-send, but they never informed me of this at all. New tracking number not provided. English used in the email seems to be from a translator on the web, yet they are supposed to be a US company.

* As of March 22, 2016 this is the status of these purchases. I'm so not impressed.

* As of March 23, 2016 #2 has emailed me. They say "it's in transit" Well still no tracking number and the estimated arrival date is April 16 to May 16. Can't rush these things can we. No word from #1 or #3 yet.


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