Act like a child, treated like a child

So I went over to YouTube and copied a persons PayPay address to send them some money for shoes he needs. Then I saw this... Well first off, I have some extra money and saved a pile on shopping this month, so I did some charity with the money I have extra. I send some money to a local group and I got some cat food for a friend as you can see in the picture. Then the person I was about to send money to hits the angry face on the post and posts his own little butt-hurt rant on his page about it and how nice it must be to have all this money when he does not have enough and on and on and on... So instead of sending him the cash he needs for shoes, he gets blocked on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you are going to piss on me for helping someone else before I help you, you can fuck off. This is a perfect example of someone shitting in their own nest. Sorry your all offended that I have more than you, but I also do good things with it when I have extra. Oh well...


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