At what age did you start to realize you are mortal, and what happened? 

Think I was 7. My grandma died in her bed. She was living with us at the time. It was the first time I thought "it all just ends one day". It kind of scared the hell out of me actually. spent many years fearing "the end" until I saw first hand there are way worse things than death.

Have you ever felt embarrassed or humiliated over a thought you had despite the fact that you know no one actually knows what you are thinking or feeling?

No. I've had a lot of strange thoughts of the decades, some very dark, some very kinky and so on - but I have never felt guilt over it. A thought is just that. I literally do not care what people think (or fantasize), I care about what they do to actual people. Thoughts are not wrong, unless they are harming you emotionally.

What is the last thing you did that made you feel guilty? 

Not give a $2 coin to a homeless guy because I to get coffee with it.

What does it mean when people tell me "you have no life"? 

To be honest most of the people that have ever said that to me or someone I know, are very bitter people who seem to deeply hate their own lives. They are mostly angry with the world around them, often due to the fact they have underlying issues they refuse to address, and that inner turmoil as hate. I'd not take any note of people saying that. They are trying to devalue your existence and that is one of the most deeply wrong things a can do.

When was there a time you freaked out and regretted it? 

In my 30's I got over the top pissed off at someone who was arguing with me. I full on told her, "it's your fault your father killed himself". The regret was instant and I to but the dame was done. I was angry many times after that, but I never allowed myself to say anything before thinking about it first after that.

What was it like before existence existed? 

Something has always existed as far as we know. Before the universe there was a massive quantum field that sprouted matter into existence (one accepted theory). This led to one or more extremely large events where a vast amount of mater was and the "big bang" happened. This theory says that there is matter popping into then back out of existence all the time, we just don't readily see it but to be honest the mater was formed, it would have been the kind of black emptiness our minds literally cant conceive of. We know stimulus, it's part of us. to be in a place where there is literally no sound, or air moving, or light, is something we can't imagine fully. Even if you go into a deep mine and turn off the lights, you still hear your breathing and feel the air. So the simple answer would be unimaginable.

If you have been brainwashed, is there any way that you could become aware of it? 

I've read that it's extremely hard to do that to a person and it takes an extremely long time and a very controlled environment. Most people that have supposedly "brain washed" or "programmed" ended up not doing the task they where to do. The closest real example is social conditioning. A society tries to make people think in a uniform manner. You can see for yourself how well that does not work. Most who have talked or written about it claim it's most likely not actually fully possible unless the person is willing - an example of that is when someone joins a cult. Social conditioning works very well on people who believe it's what they want done to them. Examples of it gone wrong is social media causing people to feel less worthy if they do not become popular. But the classical term "brain washed", I personally don't think has ever to an unwilling person.

Why are some people feeling hurt when people say or write "Let's go Brandon"? 

Same reason some people feel hurt when someone says or writes "Trump chomps on donkey dong". when you invest yourself so fully into a person who you want to be your "leader" then you feel offended easily when people go against that person. The attack feels like an attack on you. To be honest most people say people are too easy to offend now, and that in the past people where "tough". This is a fallacy, in the "good old days" people hid their emotions to appear tough. The difference now is everyone feels the need to instantly express every thought on social media. Do you see even 5% of this kind of discord in the real world? Nope, most people keep it to the relative safety of online life. Only the most openly radical people say the stuff they say online in real life. Personally I'm Canadian and I've voted Liberal all my life. I don't give a darn what people say about our Prime Minister. If you want to happy, just vote, hope for the changes you want and don't be in constant conflict - it only harms you in the end.


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