Wireless Emergency Alerts Settings

I'm posting this because most people don't know where to turn them off or adjust the settings. Thing is, at least in Canada when they first came out, there was no way to turn them off (by law). Now you can turn it off or parts of it off as you will see. As well the app was indestructible unless you rooted your phone in the day.

Go to settings then notifications. 1 Advanced settings. 2 Wireless Emergency Alerts. 3 Turn off the annoying tests (and in my case Amber Alerts). 4 is the setting to turn on the option to have it speak the alert to you. At the top is the toggle to turn them all off if you like. Personally I want to know if a severe storm is coming. Amber alerts are meaningless to be, because I will forget the description and I'm almost never out in the public.


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