Finally Got to Sit Outside (With Photos)

I finally got to sit on the bench out front, and not the smoking bench. The smoking bench is shoveled off all the time and kept clear. The non-smoking aria on the other hand is left under snow and ice all winter, so I can't get to it. There is just no way I'm exposing myself to smoke just to sit outside, so I don't go out. As you see, something decided to take a poop there. Not a clue what animal did that. It's also going to be a while until it's cleaned up, it's still too cold to be out power washing the place. I missed it, but the last photo is only a hint of how flooded the street gets. It was up to the top of the curbs for a couple days. Anyway, hope soon to be able to go to the park and sit there for a while and maybe wonder around a bit. Got to get back in shape though. I slacked on my walking in the basement for a few weeks and it seems to have added up fast to me not having any stamina.



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