What A Noisy Day

 Well it was an annoying day yesterday (July 11, 2022). First it was the garbage trucks at 7am emptying 2 dumpsters outside. Then it was a woman blowing her horn for 15 or 20 minutes to try and get her son to come to the car. Thing is, her son is in the same apartment with her, so WTF is with this. Next we had the recycling dumpster emptied. Followed by a guy down the hall literally pounding on the door of another resident and yelling to get his attention. Seems this guy has no concept that it takes about a minute for a disabled person to get to the dang door, not to mention any common curtesy for the rest of the people on the floor. Followed by the same person blowing their horn again for 15 minutes in the parking lot for the same reason. This time a bunch of people yelling out the window to "STFU" and so on. The son came out and was told off from a window and did not like it. Entitled twats don't tend to like to be told they are disturbing the entire population of the building, and that's FREAKING RUDE. Next was door guy again with the exact same banging nonsense. Next was 2 women yelling and whistling loudly in the parking lot for a friend to come let them in (ya know, can't use the FREAKING INTERCOM). Seems they wanted to be given alcohol (as they said that). They had a young child with them, and it's just so normal to be taking a child to a drinking party after all - Fecking trash bag people I tell you. Here is the kicker. I had a crow land on my A.C. unit and start making a racket - had to chase it off. A myriad of cars burning out and people on the street yelling as well. All in all it was like all the crazy people in the entire city decided to be near my place yesterday.


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