OneDrive is Toast AGAIN

 Well... OneDrive is messed up yet again. Every time I turn on the PC it does the processing changes ting for 2 hours, then fails to download any of the stuff I've sent to the cloud in the last 3 days. I was downloading it in the browser from the OneDrive site, but not it is NOT downloading either. The photos I have to view in the browser then right click and save them, then put them in their folder. This is a pain in the butt, as I use it daily for tossing files to other devices. Now it won't download anything from the past 3 days on any device. What a pain in the butt this is becoming. I see other people have the issue as well, and are complaining on Twitter. No replies from the OneDrive account on there of course. Being that close to a billion people use this service, you think more people would be complaining, but only a handful are. Would be nice if they fixed their dang shit soon.

Switching to Google Drive would be massively expensive being how mush storage I am using. I use OneDrive because I get 1TB of storage for $8.88 after taxes (a month). The Android app is kind of not the best, about once every 3 months, I have to to to apps, on the phone or tablet and clear the app data then go to the bother of setting it up again, so it won't bother me with all kinds of crap like "memories of the day".

BTW Samsung is now using it as the backup service for your camera roll. I have that turned off and toss things to OneDrive only when I want them to be on there. Not ever photo I take needs to be sucking data uploading.


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