I'm About 90% Vegetarian

Been eating a lot of lentil soup the last few days. I am however almost out of spice to put in it, so that is going to stop. I need to make more of my bean mix today as well, I'm all out. Might not even eat today, not that I'm lacking in hunger, but I just have an upset tummy and I want to skip it. Maybe I'll just do up some veggies to eat and be done with it.

I'm about 90% vegetarian at the moment. I do still eat some cheese and meat on occasion. I seem to feel a lot better eating less meat. My pain levels are down and my joints are not as stiff. My blood work seems to be coming back great since I went veggie as well. So it's been good for me. It is dull as hell though, because I can't afford fresh stuff, only frozen.


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