My Doctor is Abandoning Me

So my doctor is leaving and abandoning me to die. Seriously though, I took a year to get her as a doctor, and now looking at the list of doctors in Moose Jaw, there are literally only 2 that are taking individual patients that are not pregnant. If I was a woman, a child, had a family, or was trans, I'd be able to find a doctor right away. But I'm a single male who is not trans - so I have extremely limited options. I'll have to phone the 2 places that have doctors taking individuals tomorrow and see if one will take me or not. Sadly the one that I am more sure of getting is on the other side of the city, and if I need a cab, it's going to be a fortune.

The worst part is, when I got on with this doctor, she told me she planed to stay in Moose Jaw for the rest of her time as a doctor. That did not happen, I did not even have her as a doctor for 7 months before I got this letter. Sigh.

It's like the health system is trying to screw people over. And why the hell is there so many only looking for pregnant women? Seriously, how much of the population is a pregnant woman in this city? Well I just seriously hope the doctor that is closest to me will take me. It's a female, and not all of them will take male patients.

I also need to make appointments for getting my eyes checked and my teeth cleaned. Both will have to be next month however, out of money already. In any event, it seems that most places in North America it's hard to get a doctor right now. Gone are the days when they refer you to another doctor before they leave. I've not had that happen since I was 16.



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