A Month of Hell

In 4 weeks I've injured me knee bad enough to need a cane. I've developed Edema and it's not going away with a water pill. Then came a series of blood clots in the back of my led. I think hurt my back. Right now a randomly accruing severe pain in my testicles is going off on me. It's not been a good month at all. There is also that I have been broke for months and if I was not given money for some fun I would have had nothing but suffering for a month. At this exact moment I'm kind of sure I just pulled a muscle on my chest - I've done it several times in the past and it feels exactly the same. My left foot is over twice it's normal size and it's hard to put a shoe on it. I need a test before I see the doctor again, and as of now no one has called me to come in for it. I'm falling apart it seems.


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