To Hell With Your Facebook Group

Just dumped a local group from my life forever on Facebook. What a bunch of ignorant people. It started with a woman asking for help to feed her children because they ran out of money and the food bank is over limit and gives very little now. Well all kinds of twats jumped on her telling her to get a job and much more. They no literally nothing about the families situation and they don't care, they live to look down on others and attack them for daring to be poor, or disabled, or whatever.

I've seem far too much of it over the two years I've been a member and I'm freaking done with it. No more. This is every day someone gets attacked by ass-hats looking to offend anyone they can. You would think there was no mods at all, but there is. They seem to only take down posts for people looking to sell things and so on, while allowing businesses to post ads all they want. Not one of this group of malevolent twats has been booted or even restricted.

I'm in it to ask questions now and then and help people when I can. But no more of this hate filled nonsense. Just today someone posted a MEME with a soldier with 100 arrows sticking out of him. The caption is "when you ask anything in this group" - got that right on the nose. If mods allow anarchy, all they are doing is messing up the reputation of our city. People see this endlessly and think it's how people on average are here. That's so not true, most people in Moose Jaw are kind, giving and generally great to be around.

Not to mention allowing obvious spammers and scammers to join the group literally daily. Then you report a post for spam or scam and it stays up for hours if not all day. What is the use of these people? They are not moderating anything it seems.

Hell the mods have even allowed things that are not legal, like posting a photo of a house and an address and saying all kinds of unproven things about the people. WTF? This is called Doxing and is literally not legal to do, no to mention a TOS violation of Facebook. The posts are never pulled. But god help someone trying to feed their children. Sigh.

Nope I stayed two years too long, I should have been gone the first freaking day.


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