Wrong Number...

Got a text, "Hay hun what are you doing"?
I Replied, "getting the ass humped off me by Ed".
They replied, "WTF? How could you just out and tell me that"?
I Replied, "Well your brother came over with this big ass bad of killer weed. So you know things just kind of happened".
They replied, "Jake?"
I Replied, "Well yes and when he was done Ed stopped in and ya know".
They replied, "I am going to kill all 3 of you".
I replied, "Then your going to have to do Father Ted as well".
They replied, "Who the fuck is that"?
I replied, "Well he won't be a priest for long after tonight".
They replied, "I am getting my gun bitch".
I replied, "That's cool because the cops just drove up for all the noise we where making".
... There was no more replies...


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