The Good Out Balances The Bad

Don't you love people who just can NOT accept that you don't have the same view of the universe as they do? Well this will happen all too often on the internet. The kind of people who will attack you for not being a Christian for example or for supporting Gay marriage. The ones I love the best are the narrow minded people who attack you for believing in a God. I for example am a universalist and thus have some form of God in my life. This has made me the target of the small minded who think that no one should believe in God at all. I had one example on a video when I was talking about the universe as an intelligence that is beyond our comprehension and that we are part of that intelligence. This person was always a bit of a child in the way they chose to communicate, but they crossed the line with this video comment. Referring to me as needing to take my medication. This is of course a perfect example of a narrow view of how to think and the lack of understanding of diversity. Being I had enough of their child like interactions I blocked their ass. This is not enough of course. They had to follow me to the videos of others that I watch and support. They subscribed to them I can only guess in an attempt to use their video comments to further attack me. Being that you should expect this kind of thing on the internet, there is no shock value here at all. I do have to say that it does often get tedious when dealing with the mental midgets out there some times. On the other hand the vast rewards of interacting with like minded and intelligent people on a meaningful level far out ways the trolls. So we continue to trod along and do our videos and comment on those who we have grown to love like family. In the end, it's like a family gathering - some are twits you can't stand but most are people you love.

Peace and happiness to you all - Dave :)


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