Poor John

Who is John? He is his own worst enemy. This is a person who spent a lifetime seeing himself as being bullied and pushed around by everyone he knows. All of the people who showed him any love or compassion where in turn treated as oppressors by John. His stories of school days are filled with endless torment and violence. The reality is that no one even knew he was there. He was left alone just like he wanted to be. But John remembers it as everyone picking on him all the time. When someone befriended him it would not take long till he started to phone them up and try to hide his voice and make harassing calls. The entire time trying to unload his stories of torment on the unsuspecting friend. It does not take long for this friend to figure it all out and walk the other way telling John to get lost. But it will never end there. There will be calls to the cops and stories of all manner of bad things by John. He will stalk them online and try to seek revenge for all the shit his mind invented. Can John be happy? Not for a moment. Not for one single moment. He is longing for a relationship but is afraid of his own sexuality. He longs for intellectual stimulation but will oppose anything others have to say. There can be no please in a mind so tormented by it's self. In the end it will all be tragic, as so one will ever miss him. It might be a year after he dies alone in his little home before anyone even knows he is missing. His family are just as repulsed by him as his ex-friends after all. So there can only be loneliness and isolation to the last moment. Even in a room full of people he will be alone with his fear and delusions...

* Note: This does not represent any person living or dead in any intentional manner. This is only an example of a specific type of personality. John is every hater I have ever know...


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