Live with Love and Forgive...

Oh no thumbs down on my Videos what will I ever do...

Been stalked by 2 people since I started with YT, a nut job in town here that comes around once a month or so and leaves a stupid comment and I always know it's him by how he uses words. And the other that watches every single thing I put up reads every blog post and so on... That one thinks he is a street preacher and lives in Main. The best thing is he went after someone on YT for being on the sex offenders registry. Turns out he is also on it and for the same reason. Exposing himself to a child. So Mr. hand of God against all things gay is not so pure as well.

I thank Jesus every day that I live a good life with good friends. I have all I need and a bit more. I have enough to help others when they need it. I don't have to get my thrills by being destructive and going against Gods will. There is always something to be thankful for. Even when the time comes I am stuck in a care home in pail 24/7 there will be the sun threw the window to remind me of the glory days and the love of God.

I know I am a sinner and know I have done wrong. I also know that the Love of God has changed my heart and mind for the better. This happened because I gave myself over to him completely. I do not have sex with anyone as I am single. I live by the law of loving all and know my path will lead to heaven. I do not push what I know to be true on others as I know that is not the right way. I give love and get it back many time over. Life is a joy.

There are those who think it is a waste to follow God and to give up sex and so on. But for me it is the right way to live. I know God has a place for all who love and this is not needed to enter his kingdom. But for me it is the right thing to do. So I forgive the sins against me and pray for the souls of those would harm me.

Be proud and strong and know God loves you. Show the world a kind fave and be brave. Your reward is everlasting...

Peace - Dave :)


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