Some New Art and a bit more...

Just finished these the other day. Not much in the mood this last couple of days. First 2 are done with Bryce 7.1 Pro (you can get it free from Daz3d for a while). The Sinner one is done in Paint Shop Pro X3. Maybe today I will do some new stuff... Kind of feel like it, but not too motivated. I see I get more views on this blog from the main page than with links to the articles. Guess no one is sharing LOL... Oh well I know a few are watching - they come once a week to see what I have up. This being friends and 1 family member... Anyways... I am not well today so I am home and not with Mom. In case it's the flue I am staying away for a few days... Will phone her a few times in the afternoon and once at night though. She told me she went to church today - they have services on Thursdays there and the pastor is from a different church ever week... She liked it. It was a baptist service today. She got to sing hims, she kind of liked it... Well I hope she gets something out of it all - at least has a good time at it. I think it is good she is going to more of the things they have to do this last while.

Peace - Dave.


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