Pain And The Spirit World

Have you ever thought about the spirituality of pain? If you are in a lot of pain and you meditate on leaving your body, you can do so more easily. There is a term in the BDSM community called "Sub Space" - one can be lost in the lucid experience of pain and submission. One can get into a entire different way of seeing the world. The doors of perception open to you. Now if you suffer from chronic pain, you can use it to the same ends. This is one way to fight the pain; to turn it into something else. The spirit world is closer to you the more pain you are in. There is a danger though, where the dark spirits can enter your mind. This is what some actually look for. But there are ways to build immunity to the dark spirits. Still they are always waiting. But for the most part one can meat those long dead or those who are not human and never where. Some can even enter the lower levels of what we call heaven or hell.


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