In Moose Jaw you say...

In Moose Jaw you say... A city with crumbling streets at best. Must be hard to plan how to get across town with no potholes and what not... Besides I don't want to burst a bubble but I always LOL at a tricked out truck. I do NOT see the point. Trucks to me are utility and off road fun. I mean really - where do you even put the speakers in this thing? Not a fan of blue as well, never have been.

I am also reminded of the upcoming latest version of Fast and Stupid - or what ever... See if you got yourself a hot car and you can't out run a TANK then your are doing it wrong... To say the least... How many of you have seen a 9 second tank out there in your life? A smart car can out run the fastest tanks out there with a little work on em... Think about that...


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