Smitty's on the the North Service Road

The Petro Burger from Smitty's on the the North Service Road in Moose Jaw. This is only made when it is the special of the day. 8oz Beef patty, mushrooms, bacon, a slice of ham and a slice of back bacon (Canadian Bacon for people not in Canada). Topped with onions, tomato and lettuce. You can have fries or salad with it. The gravy is extra just like most places. Would be better with a bit of cheddar in it but it is well worth the price. At the time I got this one it was $9.95. With coffee and tax it's still under $13. So I would call it a value item.

Some days the cooking can be a bit slow and the till some times has a wait time as well. But the vast majority of the time I have had outstanding service. This is also a petro-pass card lock fuel stop for the truckers. There is a well appointed lounge in the back I am told although I have never seen it. It is also down the road from the Flying-J and a truck wash. This is the spot in town for truckers to say the least. It is also a favorite for family dining among the people I know and love. There are often gatherings of groups that come to this spot, so some times you will see some nice motor bikes or cars.

I have been going there for coffee for 20 years or about. I have never had a bad experience the entire time. I rate this business 8/10. The only problem is with one or two of the booths closest to the door, there is sometimes ants crawling into the sugar or on the table. I know this can be a never come back thing for some, so I will say it now. Parking is good and there is a convenience store and gas bar at your disposal. It is easy to get to from the highway, making it a choice spot for travelers.

Other meals I recommend are the ribs, the torpedo shrimp and the rocky mountain burger. Price range is average. Also close to places to stay the night. Added bonus is it is licensed but has a limited selection to choose from.

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