And Another One Bites The Dust

More judgement from the demented hay? My morality questioned be someone who went to Thailand and kicked the shit out of a hooker and ended up in jail there for a while. Then stalked someone back home and ended up in jail here as well. Not to mention the violent pornography all over his hard drive when they picked him up. LOL yes you get to question my morality little boy.

To you everything is about you and you alone. You think the rest of us are like that as well. Well some of us actually care about people. We feel pain when out friends feel pain or when they pass away. We don’t just sit at home and play W.O.W. surf porn and think how bad life is. We interact and we go out and spread the love. I know you don’t actually know the meaning of that word do you? Because you think that we are all cold and hate just like you.

I don’t like to say this, but you’re a loss. There is NO hope for you and that makes me so very sad. I tried to help you I tried to reach you and all you did was lash out over and over. We all tried. You went bat shit crazy on us and could not see anything but your own twisted thoughts imposed on us. Good people will only try so long until they know they can’t help. So we turn our backs on you. But we still pray for your mind and your soul to be healed.

Much Love – Dave.


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