You Park Like A Dick...


This car is parked in not one but two handicapped spots. There is no validation to pork in the spot at all. Last time I checked, being a self important asshole was not a disability, but a liability. So the possibility of more than one person who is disabled having to walk farther and suffer the pain of doing so is all because you think your the most important person in the world I guess?

This is in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada. In the background you can see someone parked in the fire lain as well. I did not take a photo as it was -42C at the time. The person in the photo does not own the car, in fact he is the one that drove me to the store. You can see how far it is to the store from this spot. I have a valid disability and still don't want a validation to park in these spots, as I think it is not bad enough at this time to case me to need to.

Please think of what your doing when you do something like this and how it negatively effects other people.


Not Parking But Bad

Should this thing be on the road? How safe is this car? By the way both shots are several years old and the car is still on the road. And it's still full of garbage...

Gas Bar Parking

The Co-op Gas Bar on south hill - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. This curb is marked yellow as a fire lane. There is a sine in the window as well. There are (all be it faded) no parking marks on the ground in front of the curb. The white car on the and is literally blocking a proper parking spot. The truck beside us is also blocking the entry to the pumps beside him as well as being in the fire lane. Welcome to the land of the driving dead. Oh and before the truck was there as we where coming in the lot someone was just leaving the same spot, also parked blocking traffic. Got to love the white car though - front end blocking a normal parking spot and to lazy to park in it.

Safeway Yet Again

Well doggies... Looks like even the media has trouble with the term "No Parking Fire Lane". This is the runabout for Country 100, 800 CHAB and Mix 104 not to mention Discover Moose Jaw... Seeing the fellow on the left pointing into the parking lot, I imagine him saying, "hay man, you park over there". BTW on the other side you will see 2 other cars parked in the marked zone. This is the part marked for the delivery folks to stop and get the stuff they need to deliver. Some how don't think they switched from vans to mid sized cars...

I could literally post 10 photos a day from this spot alone. Just out the window of the front of the place I live. There has never been a day I lived here that I did not see someone parked there. Sometimes they are 3 across at the side here. This takes the 3rd one into the path of the loading dock. I bet of the truck backed into then and smashed the hell out of them, they would be just so pissy...

Peace - Dave :)

Not too close

Don't get too close to the meter...

Special People Parking at Safeway in Moose Jaw

I could post one from this window ever hour the store is open every day it is open... There is always some asshole or group there of that think they are special and can park there and run in. Fuck the parking lot, that is for normal people, not the special folks... Even seen an ambulance stop there and the guy ran in for Starbucks coffee...

Keep being "Special People"...

Almost made it in there, but NOPE

2 more cars in the entire parking lot and you still CAN'T make it between the lines. How hard is it? I see 90 year old people who can't see the keys properly get in there all the time. Oh well... Must be in a hurry to go have coffee or something.


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