Pizza, beer and coffee - Dec. 27th and 28th 2014

 Always the best place in town for Pizza. Come in on 9th Ave. off of Highway 1 and go over the bridge. You can't miss the place. It's small and the wait is long when it's busy, but the pizza is so worth it. They have lots of other good food as well.  855 Grandview St W, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5L7.
 I had a Kokanee beer with my pizza and the label was on back to front. The lettering on the inside instead of the outside. Not the first time I seen it happen on this brand of beer. But it still tasted good. I rather a porter, but this will more than just do :)
 Here it is the Rodoes Special (#21) a medium at that. It's an all dressed stacked up to about an inch thick. There is no way even a big man like me can finish this puppy. So half of it came home with me in a box for the next day. It made a fine breakfast.
 Out for coffee this afternoon on the north service road. Smittie's to be exact. It's also a petro can with a card lock bulk fuel in the back of it. The service has picked up quite a bit since we where complaining about it. Not sure abut the food as I have not eaten there since that day. But good to see things improve. We have been going there almost 20 years now.
 The same as above just in the back. It looks like such a nice day, but it's -12C and the wind is light but cold. Tomorrow is going to be -20 they say. Not looking foreword to that at all.
 Self Promotion :)
 Self Promotion :)
Me with my Pusheen Stuffie :)


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