The worst thing about us really

The worst thing about us really is that we think we know the truth. We don't search for it, we know it. Reality is a construct of the mind and we know actually so little, that we make most of the world up around us. We can literally never see the world as it is, but as we think it is. The truth that we think we grasp is in essence a lie told to us by the mind. We don't even know who we are in relation to the world, but who we think we are. The truth does not exist. It can't as an absolute. Reality is unaware of us. The universe does not know we are here. We just place importance on ourselves. After all that is our most important task according to society. We should in fact realize we know almost nothing and we need to search to the last moment. We also need to realize that everyone is important, not just us. In the end in 10,000 more years, perhaps more, no one will be here any more. It will all be lost and for nothing. Now is what matters. Search for meaning. Search for something other than yourself. Search for a better now. Be the one who changes your life and be the one who changes many lives. But be it for the good. We have had way more than enough of people changing the world for the bad. And don't forget you know almost nothing.
Peace - Dave


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