Cat Food or Hot Sauce?

So Angie was so nice to send me a $50 gift card with a Christmas card. I really did not expect it and am very thankful. But it's for and not so I had to set up with the .com version and add it to my profile there. Not hard to do.

I went around looking at hot sauce on there and after 20 different sellers refusing to ship to Canada and not really being in need of anything at all. I decided to use it to get a good friend who has less than I do something for her cats. She has a wish list you see. So I pick a cat carrier that is eligible for free shipping. It's enough that I figure with 12% tax it should still go threw. After all who has more than 12% tax I figured. Well it would not do it.

So I got on chat with the help desk. She said (after a 20 min. span of not understanding what I was saying and me not being able to say it any better) that it's because there was too much tax. Well so I deleted that one and added in pet food for about $13. Being that I have $50 with tax and shipping it should be good. NOPE it won't go threw. So back to the lady on chat and tell her this won't work as well. She had not one clue as to why. Well I did some looking and on a forum I read one person say that some companies that dead threw Amazon do NOT allow you to use the gift card. I think to myself, "why is this not stated instead of just saying enter payment option"? Well what ever... So I go and I delete the pet food and click on another pet food that is actually more money and no free shipping. Guess what? It went threw. The nice lady on the chat had no clue as to why this one worked and why the other 2 did not.

So I was left thinking, "what the hell is the forum right"? I guess it must be. I can't see any reason why it would be that way. After all the money is handled by Amazon and then they take a cut and send the rest to the distributor. So why would this be happening? I have literally no explanation for it at all. It makes no sense to me. But I am left thinking it is so... Who knows, it's not to be found on the site or threw the help desk LOL.

Oh well Crouton gets pet food and I don't have $50 sitting there that I will never use and will forget I have. So it all works out in the end. Happy eating Crouton and the other kitties. It should be there between the 18th and the 20th. Enjoy little buddies. All in all this is better than if I got my hot sauce anyway.

Peace, Love and Contentment - Dave :)


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