No Sale For You!

So I go and get this (2 of them) and get home and realize I was charged the normal $8.99 price for them and no discount for me. Sigh. This is the second time I did not get a discount. As well several times I have not received bonus air miles and have had to go back to the store and get them to send in a form so I get the air miles. I am going out tomorrow, so I will be back with a photo on my phone of the cheese, the receipt and the mind to get my money. with 2 of them it $12 and that is worth going over there for. But not today. My knee is acting up on me again so not today... Tomorrow is laundry day so I will just pop across the street to get it resolved. By the way today is Dec. 3 so it is still on sale for another day. It seems to have to watch the till every time or you will get hit with something. It's not just Safeway, it's every place I have ever been. At super store you used to get the item free if the till messed up. A friend used to take advantage of this. He would go put his stuff in the car, then go back and get 2 or 3 more of the item and go to a different till. Poof free soup or candy or whatever. No way I could live with myself if I did that. My brother used to go to a bulk place and they had early versions of self checkouts. He would put 1 pickle in the jar and put it on the scale then get the label. Then he would fill the container and run it threw. So it's really not just the stores trying to cash in on you not paying attention it's people doing it to the stores. It's amazing how they both would literally get angry at the person at the till if the mistake was on the till. The think is, he/she did not make the mistake, the person programming the tills did. It was an omission of a sale item in the data base. Sigh. But not much one can do about it, just point it out and have it corrected.


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