Become Change

Are we these small creatures lost in a vast ocean of living breathing beings important? Do we make a difference at all? Yes.

When we interact with others we change their lives. Sometimes in small ways and other times in very large ways. To smile and say hallo can save a person from ending their lives. The same is true to just listen to someone and to tell them they are loved. In the same light but on the opposite side of the coin, Scowling at someone can be the straw they breaks the camel’s back. A sting of words or telling them you have no time for them can end their existence.

Every small thing we do changes us. Then we spread that change to others. By the force of will we can change who we are. The worst of men, given no defect of mind, can bring himself to be more than he is. We can become more than we are capable of. How? Threw others. An idea or a concept can alter the very fabric of humanity. When the first primitive man decided to take a rock to another, the world was plunged into war eternal. Likewise the first time someone stepped in to help humanity was bettered forever.

Decide to be kind and the world is improved that little bit. You are kind to a person and they are kind in turn to another and so on. Next thing you know a person who can change how we think steps from the edge of the abyss and becomes more. This all started with you waking up and deciding to be friendly today.

Wars start with a single action, a single mind deciding to hate or be lustful with greed. A man sits alone with his idea that he has been wronged long enough and all of the world is at war. Don’t laugh, it has happened and may again if we let it. Hitler started with this same idea of being wronged. All that hate think they are wronged in some manner. The fight against the world for that wrong. A boy slips and is taunted. Later he is a man who hates those who laughed at him and he starts a fire and kills a family. The hate grows like a cancer in those that survived. But it can be stopped by the sure force of will to forgive those who have wronged us and to move on to better things.

Those who have changed the world for the better where always inspired by someone to go past the limits of their so called life. The inspired others, some in small ways like a ripple on a reflecting pool. Others like a wave on the ocean that effects change in other positive ways. We have the choice to improve or destroy. We all matter more than we will ever know. We will never see it, but we all change the world every day of our lives.

We as a people can chose to build a better place or we can chose to create hell. Further yet we can be compliant and let others chose for us. Action is always needed. The powers of the world yield to the voice of its people. If they do not there will sooner or later be hell to pay. Don’t let those with the money be those with the power. Take it for the better of mankind. Chose to be one who changes for good. If they stand in your way fight the power. Good can overcome evil. There will always be hate, greed and anger. But we can keep it to small pockets that can never spread, because we won’t let it pass our door.

Move for change not only for us, but all creatures. Make this a world worth living once again. Be in peace with those around you. Spread the love because you can. Let go of the anger and the greed. Be one with all. For we are linked and always will be. Our future is in everyone’s hands. It is an illusion that we must follow those who lead. The reality is we must all lead.

Peace - Dave


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