Peace, Love and Rainbows

Friend was like "Pride should be abut gay men only"... HA... They he was like "These femmie guys and drag queens don't represent someone like me"... Sigh... For some reason he thinks that it's a different struggle for Trans people, drag queens, lesbians and queer identified people. I get the impression he feels slighted somehow that there are so many groups under the rainbow. Not to mention he is literally Transphobic. He does not think it's real. Then again he does not accept that I am bisexual or bigender. Tell me why I have spent over 90% of my life hanging out with this guy? Man if he lives to be 90 he is going to be the most bitter human on the planet. Ever year just after his birthday he gets a little worse. Hell, he even went off on married gay men not "representing him"... Feel the rainbow man. Then again he seems to only be attracted to guys less than 1/2 his age and they won't even look at him. Oh well... All I can do if smile and know how off his head he is I guess. I don't want to just toss him off after 43 years...

Peace, Love and Rainbows - Dave :)


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