Government Pharma Conspiracy

Since I went on disability the government has been tracking everything I do say and think. Here you see the tracking device mic and the antenna to transmit to the satellite. Every time I remove one the next day I find another one. It's amazing. They must be piping in knock-out gas into my apartment at night and implanting them. I have noticed many others on disability have the same devices on their arms as well. This one was on my left arm. The next step is mind control. This is why I refuse to take medication and eat only junk food - the so called healthy food is full of mind control drugs you see. Wake up people and stop being controlled! Don't fall for the government pharma conspiracy.

This is of course only entertainment... Or is it!!!


  1. LMAO!!!!! Next time you get a bag of potato chips, take a look at the bottom right of the back of the bag, see that little box with the vertical bars in it, they scan it at the store and they can keep track of what you buy, it is a conspiracy, I tell you!


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