The Rules of Crazy

OMG... Sometimes people just really don't see what they are doing to make others not like them. I mean seriously! You are making me RANT - you know this right? Dang... You drive people away then rant how they abandon you? OH MAN. Don't try to control everything they do and say or who they hang out with and it won't happen. Good golly. People do have a life some times and they tend to miss some things in your life some days. I will never expect people to know literally ever last thing happening to me. Even the best friend can't be there all the time. Justify your passive aggressive manipulation all you want. It's on you for chasing people off... Not them abandoning you. When EVERYONE else seems to be unkind to you, maybe it's you. Take the hint and get into therapy...
No names as some of you actually think this is a "great person". I don't like to judge but CRAP. the shit that came out of her mouth... Yup everyone is fucking evil to you... Sigh....

The Rules of Crazy:
Rule #1 - If everyone is out to get you, you are the problem.
Rule #2 - When you're a controlling ass hat, you always think you're the victim.
Rule #3 - If you need to have attention poured on you by everyone you know all of the time, then you're in need of processional help.


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