To Seek Power Is To Harm Others

"Trolls are not responsible for harm, because you can get off the internet".

Right. See that is like saying a victim of a hate crime is the one responsible. After all they could stay off the street. There is always justification for violations of human rights. There is always a reason. There are people that justify the holocaust because the Jews caused the currency to be devalued. People justify the murder or life long disabling of LGBTQ folks because it's a sin and the bible says to kill them - or that it's against nature. Justifications do not make a crime the right thing to do.

To protect diversity and life is the ultimate goal. The pursuit of power over others is the polar opposite of this goal. To seek power over someone is to harm them. Thus even the very society we live in seeks to harm others in the way it is organized. We place more importance on small numbers of people than on the vast majority of people. This is a crime against humanity.

Some will take this even farther and say that to put the life of humans over animals is an act of violence against the animals. To treat them as less than equal is less than just. I personally do not take it that far, but I see their logic.

Peace and Love – Dave :)


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