Garbage Bin Grave Yard

Broken garbage bins graveyard. The city seems to have wanted to hide them, so they placed them across the road from the city barns where they keep the sand and so on stored. They are hidden behind a pile of sand way at the back of a road not many go down. to think of all that tax money spent on bins that break so easy. There are 2 of the big ones in the back of my building for us to use. They have both been replaced twice that I know of. One of the new ones no longer has lids on it. They are broken off. What can one say? They just are not made to work in an environment where they are exposed to the cold. But then again the lids broke off our new one in the summer... Sigh...


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    1. We spent millions of this and keeps spending piles of money on a system that does not work. Yes it's sad.

  2. So much for local authorities being green. These are obviously not gonna be recycled by the looks of it

    1. Yes a bunch of council members ran on the idea of recycling in the city. So they got in, added on a hidden tax threw the water bill to pay for it and here we are with literally a tone of plastic sitting in a city yard doing nothing. They are recyclable - I looked... So why are they just storing them in a hidden place? Sigh... BTW we don't get recycle bins in the apartment building at all. So I just toss it out. Only the houses got the bins. Best thing is ALL the water bills went up not just the houses...


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