Why Delivery's Take So Long

Yup This is why it takes the extra day to get to me LOL. At least their estimates are almost ALWAYS right. See the ones I am getting from Amazon most of the time are a bit out there. Today I had a package ship (Feb, 3, 2016) and the estimate on the email was (Feb 4, 2016). LOL Good luck with that, more than likely it won't even leave the city it shipped from today. LOL.


  1. Mine was failed at our house the other day while we were at work, so they said we would try again the next day. I cannot understand why they do that. Obviously same time next day is unlikely to be any good as well, so I went on the couriers website and rearranged it to be dropped of at a secure box locally for me to pick up. That was all arranged and confirmed, so what did they do. Still tried my home the next day. FFS, they are idiots. Luckily a neighbour along the street took it in this time.

    1. Best thing is, they give you a notice to go drive to Regina to pick it up. So I need to drive to another city to get it? GREAT. good thing I am home when they deliver most of the time. A friend ordered a ham radio ($5,000 bit of equipment) and they left it at the back door in the snow for 6 days. He phoned them and they said it's at your back door. Well he does NOT use the back door, thus all the snow piled up at it LOL.


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