Lets Vlog The Security Report

  It all started when someone mentioned an old haunt on facebook and that it had opened and then closed again... For the 30th time. Then I got the little red X from my link scanner... I though that is strange, it's a vlogging site...

  So I licked it and this came up. As the software won't let you go to a site it things is dangerous. I thought "Steeling your information"?

  Then I clicked details and it said the risk was high. Wowsers. Someone has not been playing by the rules of proper net educate... Well... What can I say... I won't even start with my history with the fellow that owned it. Me and others where branded a troll and punted off for not agreeing with his lord and master of the site. When asked about why we where not there, he said "they quit". LOL It's not quiting when you try to log on and it says you have been banned... Just in case you thought that was a form of quitting... 


  1. We have seen this with so many small vlogging site, what the owners really want is disciples to worship them, they want to be kings and it often drives them insane and lead to bad decisions. it was not all bad, I did meet you through joining the site back when it was actually thriving.

    1. Yes there is a common thread to a lot of them - the cult of personality trying to form it's self... There was good times then it went south.

  2. I wasn't banned, lol, I was asked (told) to leave as it was not appreciated that I stood up for another member who had been pulled through the knot hole for no reason other than speaking the truth ... I quickly learned that truth isn't always appreciates by some folk.

    Live goes on and so does wevlog2 (lol)

    1. LOL Good one. Yes it was interesting to see someone who was part of a infamous hater clan in the old days of YouTube trolling the hell out of people and not being touched as well. But she was pretty and stroked his ego. Several people where sent away for speaking up. Yup then he wanted us all back LOL - unblocked me on FaceBook and a week later blocked me again LOL. Oh man...


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