A dream I just had

47 Randall Street was where it all happened. The man had died and there was no family to claim his things. The agent said they would clear it all out. I told her no, I wanted it as is. No one from the small town wanted the place. See he was an odd duck. It was also seeming to be designed by a madman. There where cabinets all over the place with things in it. Most of them where little wooden people. Every time I went threw one I swear I hear someone moving about but no one was ever there. It took about a month to load all the wooden people into boxes. I sold them as a lot. Maybe to another strange man, I would never know. The furniture was sold in an auction house just outside of Moose Jaw. Got a good price for all that stuff. It took them several days to organize it all. In the end it mostly went to young people who wanted to flip it. No one would love it like he did ever again. I kept one thing, a small brass whistle. Like a cop in an old movie would have. But it was brass and had an eagle on it. The rooms now empty seemed to be even more strange. The kitchen was off the dining room and that was off the living room. There was no hall way. On the other side was a bid room with lots of light and a sun room off of it. Up the stairs was a large bedroom with a small bath and many windows you could sit in. There where two other bedrooms and a bath between them. Then There was the tower. It seemed added on. It went up three floors and a wooden bench in the South wall looked into the woods to the north. That strange room smelled always of smoke from a pipe. I never did fond a pipe though. Strange that. I filed the strange house with new things and it became mine. But the room in the tower still smells of cheap pile tobacco and I never feel alone in it. When I sit there I want to carve wood for some reason. There is no more to tell. Come back in 25 years and see if I have filled the place with little wooden people or not. Till then I will say goodbye to you stranger. But with that he turned and walked into the woods not the street. Never did see him again. One more mystery I guess.


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