Windows 10 Anniversary Update

So the Anniversary Update - all 18GB of it is installed. It seems to have fixed a lot of irritating bugs like the extremely low audio on the USB mic and the recycling bin taking literally over a minute to come up with the dialog to empty it. There is improved apps in the mix and some extra features in setting up the display and so on. There are a lot of pluses for sure. There is however, the fact that the nice fast boot time is a thing of the past. I mean the boot is 4 times as long now. Not to mention run times are slightly slower on some of my more memory intensive apps. Oh well - once you uninstall all the stuff it installs and you don't really need it's not bad. The only thing is, that darn just up and reset even know I told you to NEVER do that thing is back. Sigh... Well nothing is perfect and you can't pay me enough to use a Mac - so I will live with it.


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