Good Actions, Great Actions and Selfish Actions

To be a good person you need to think of others now and then. To be a great person you need to think of others first most of the time. The ego wants us to be the centre of the universe. To be a great person you need to kill the ego within. This is the death of personality in one respect and the birth of personality in another respect. It is also the reason I will only ever be a good person. I like to be attended to and I like to be seen as someone special. To be great I would have to look past that and see others are the goal all of the time. This is also why all but a small handful of people in politics will never be great and almost none will even be good people. We can do good for the wrong reasons. If it feeds the ego then it is not a good act. If no one ever knows it was you, then it is a great act.

Just some words I will let you think about. Peace and Love - Dave.


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