Are You Blessed?

I rather long to be one of those people we tend to call unfortunate. The person who literally does not understand what is wrong with their life and simply accepts it is being another day. I have had the belling to know people like this. People who others have used very hurtful words to describe. But to them, life was great and full of wonder no matter how hard the times where. So how could I say that they where less than I? How could I say they where unfortunate? For the most part they had love for all people with no conditions. For the most part they saw the day as a thing to experience in splendour. But for me, all I can see some days is that I don't have enough to be secure or comfortable. All I see other days is that I am disabled and will never be more. To spend my days seeing this world as a beautiful thing with no worry would be a gift. And yet people called them names and looked down at them. Those who think they are blessed often are cursed. Those who find the simple pleasure in all things around them, are actually blessed.

Hugs and Love guys.


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