Facebook hit my twice for the same post. I got 30 days because for some stupid reason it thought I had posted the same thing twice when in reality it was just once. I got talking in messenger to a couple people about it and it seems they have been hit the same way, more than once for the same post.

So much for commentary on the nature of cops who just keep doing racist things. Seems Facebook is the least likely place to be accepting about social commentary of any nature no matter what the topic is.

To top it off, they just changed their terms of service to make it a lot more easy to remove your posts and send you to Facebook jail or even deactivate your account.

I once got hit for a post that was 8 years old. All the sudden things they let you post in the long distant past are banned and the bots spank you for posting them. Who the hell remembers what they posted 8 years ago FFS?

The best thing is, Facebook has no idea who so many people have up and said "fuck this" and closed their account for good. To be honest if there was not a lot of people on there that I care about as much as if they where family, I'd be long gone from the site.

I wanted everyone to move over to MeWe, but to be honest, they won't FUCK OFF with trying to sell you a premium account and make you pay to use the crappy site. Every time I logged on there was a full screen popover that begged me to give them money. So I closed that account and will never be going back. I'll put up with ads to use a service, but if you get in my face asking for money every time I open the page, you can fuck yourself. Honestly it's like some meth head aggressively trying to get change off you every time you check the mail.

God I with there was a better platform for posting that gave you unlimited characters and the ability to post 30 photos of your cat in the same post. But there is not. I like Twitter, but the limit on how much I can say gets in the way at times and only being able to post 4 photos at once is a piss-off.

I tried liker, but Jesus that annoyed the shit out of me fast and I honestly did not see the point of how they did things.

I've gotten invitations to members only sites that have no rules but they are blog sites. To be honest the idea of a wide open site is not as appealing as you think. Some dude you follow start posting naked children and POOF you get investigated by the cops. These members sites always end up being hit in the end, and if you can't flag content like that and get it removed, you can end up in a world of shit.

We have tried private sites for our group, but hosting is a never ending battle to try and not go broke. They always end up telling you "you're using to much resources, you need a dedicated server". Then they tell you "you're using to much bandwidth or storage and you need to upgrade". Next thing you know your 14 members are costing you $250 a month. - so no.

If there was a reasonable alternative to Facebook I'd take it in a heartbeat. But there is no reasonable alternative at this time.


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