This is how to get likes and views on a video and do almost nothing for it. You stamp "world record" on it. You say you have played it for a year (literally not possible). Then you lie and say "every like makes it faster". The entire time it's basically you streaming a video playing over and over and over. It's normally some crappy game not many people even care about. You can get a bot for doing this, it's not hard. Related to this is the "bit coin" scam. In that it says it's a live video and you can win bit coins. The scam is you need to click a link then send them a couple bit coins to enter and they tell you "the first 1000 get X amount of bitcoins back. Well not one person gets anything ever and you just paid someone money because you're stupid. The Facebook equivalent is guilting you into sharing something with "Ignore if your heartless" or "like and share if you are against animal abuse" or "like and share if you love Jesus" - that last one works the most it seems. My favorite is "like and share if you are against bullying". Being that you are being passively bullied into doing what they want, your kind of giving in to what you are supposed to be against.


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