26 Canadian Terms Explained

  • GTA: Greater Toronto Area
  • Mountie: Memeber of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Toque: A knit cap
  • Keener: Someone who wants to show their knowledge
  • Toonie: 2 dollar coin
  • Loonie: 1 dollar coin
  • Rink Rat: Hockey players that get maximum time on the ice
  • Pop: Non-alcoholic soft drink
  • Mickey: 375ml (13oz) bottle of liquor
  • Double Double: Coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. Term originates from Tim Hortons
  • KD: Kraft dinner (macoronie and cheese)
  • Chesterfield: A couch or sofa
  • 26 or Twenty Sixer: a 750ml (26oz) bottle of liquor
  • Darts: Cigarettes
  • Hang a Larry; Hang a Roger: Turn left or right
  • Beauty: Something that is done well or someone who's charming
  • Parcade: Multi-level parking structure
  • Bunnyhug: A sweatshirt with a hood that zippers up in front
  • Give'r: To go hard, or give 100%
  • Sophonsified: To no longer be hungry, or you are full
  • The Habs: The Montreal Canadians (hockey team). Originates from Quebeck and is short for Les Haditant (people who live in Quebeck)
  • Biffed: To fall down, slip or, eat shit (eat shit is "get biffed")
  • Jesus Murphy: Basically the same as God Dammit
  • Jam-busters: Jelly-filled donuts
  • Fill Yer Boots: Go for it; Help yourself; Enjoy yourself; Do your job
  • Two Four: A 24 pack of beer. Also the Two Four Weekend (May long weekend), originates from bringing a 24 pack of beer to the lake


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