Well DANG. I asked for donations to get some vodka so I could have some fun. Well I got way more money than I needed. In fact $110 in total if you count someone buying a bit of art from me ($20).

You have to realize, when I have my fun, it's very much not to the extent I did the other day. Normally it's $31.07 for some vodka and that's it. Maybe $5 for some chips on top of it, but never more than that. I also tend to only do it once or twice in a month.

Well I have been very behind with money this last few months and I really had no fun since November, so I was dew for a blow out. My excess came to a total of $91.33, below is an itemized list of what I got. I really don't normally do things this big, but there it is.

Now that I look at it all, I feel a bit guilty, even though I very much know I deserved a day of fun. There is also the regret I did not save some of the money for next month. But no going back to change things, so move on and hope for the best.

Next month I'm budgeting for 2 bottles of booze. One I'll pick up and will be using a $30 credit I have to get it, the other will be ordered in as normal. I'm going to try and not order pizza in February as well. Instead I'll do something different like hot dogs or just get some chips in.

In any event, here is the list of stuff I consumed on January 20, 2022.


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