Jigsaw Puzzles Update.

I love doing jigsaw puzzles with Jigsaws Galore. I have exactly 4444 of them right now. I've been removing them as I complete a folder and tossing the "done" puzzles into a ZIP file. Slowly but surly, I am thinning out the pile of folders. I'm almost done all of the "original" puzzles - this includes the ones that came with the program and the free to download ones that are on the site. In fact, at this moment, I only have 16 left in the original puzzles then they will be completely done - this should happen today or tomorrow at the rate I'm going. I recently added 4 puzzles just to get the total to 4444 instead of 4440. In any event, I love doing them and will have years of fun to go.

There has been only 2 bugs I've noticed so far. Older iPhone photos seem to not work and will crash the app if you try to use them for a puzzle. As well, now and then when you are done a puzzle, it won't say "complete" and have the check mark on it, instead it will just say "100% done". I'm running windows 10, and have no idea if it is stable on 11.

BTW there is also a Mac version you can buy.


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