Light seems to have been knocked off it's mount. Very sure the wind did not do this. Got to wonder if a meth head tried to take it, or some twat gave it a thumping with something heavy. Still lights up, but can't good for it to hang from the wires like that.
Making coffee in my Moka pot. I love this thing. They sell them as "stove top espresso makers". To be technical, they don't produce enough pressure to be called that, but you do want to use espresso in it, not regular coffee. It makes strong and very tasty coffee. It also maximized the caffeine level. A drip, or pour over, just does not make it this strong or this good. I watch a lady on YouTube that sins with hers, and ads water to her coffee in the mug - this is sacrilege! LOL. BTW It's even better if you fresh grind the espresso beans. I don't tend to do this as it's expensive, but using distilled water makes better coffee.


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