The Depression Trilogy - What I think.

The Depression Trilogy consists of 3 movies on 4 disks. Nymphomaniac is in 2 parts. You start with a Antichrist (2009). This is a movie that a lot of people find extremely disturbing. There is a scene where the woman destroys the mans testicles with a log, then does something with his man bit that carries the disturbing aspect to a new level of WTAF. She later cuts of her clitoris. This is a movie about profound mental illness being untreated to say the least. It's also an incredibly well done movie with a vast amount of symbolism that is widely debated. I gave it a 10/10.

Second is Melancholia (2011). The main character in this movie is on the verge of absolute panic during her lavish wedding. The sister and brother-in-law try to keep the guests calm and civil the entire time. This is kind of hard being that the world is about to end. The planet Melancholia is about to slam into the earth. This is one long metaphor for mental illness and how families try to deal with it. I gave it an 8/10.

Nymphomaniac (2013) can be treated as 2 separate movies but they are highly linked to each other being it's the same players in both and part 2 is a continuation of part 1. Part 1 a man finds the lead character in an ally and brings her to his apartment to nurse her back to health. She tells him many tales of her sexual exploits with hundreds of men. The man claims not to be sexual at all but later makes a move. It does not end well. I gave part 1 9/10. Part 2 is a continuation of the story of Joe (the main character). This time she is living with her husband and son. She loose sexual sensation and is unable to orgasm. She ends up turning to kink to get her self off. She also ends up working for a very bad man doing very bad things to exploit money out of people. One scene where she is doing that job is extremely disturbing for many reasons and makes you loose pity for the man she is working on. There is a lot of actual BDSM in this movie. There is real blood shed. It explores the darkest side of human sexuality. I gave it a 10/10.

This will take you about 8 hours to finish in total and may actually leave you feeling creeped the hell out or even awaken things in you, that you did not realize where there. To be honest when I watched the last one with a friend, she realized that she was heavily turned on by the kinky parts. To that point in time, she did not even think about it. It literally changed her life. Definitely these 3 movies (or 4) leave you with altered perceptions of humanity in general and the things that are inside a lot of us. All of these movies have been debated as to meaning and subtext at length many times. Every time I watch them, there is a layer I did not see before. Well worth your time, if you dare to explore the darker side of humanity.


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